February 16, 2017
3 Reasons to Choose Organic Beauty

“The average woman applies 500 chemicals to her skin daily”.

That sounds like a lot! We were surprised too, until we looked into it. It turns out that by simply using a Shampoo, Conditioner and Body Wash, we exposed our body to between 45 and 75 chemicals. Add to that the moisturiser, body lotion, foundation, highlighter, blush, mascara and lip gloss. 500 no longer sounds so crazy! This is why we think you should choose organic beauty products:

 #1 Keep Toxins Out Of Your Body

While each chemical used in cosmetic products may be safe for use individually, the effects from sustained exposure to a combination of chemicals can in certain cases be dangerous. The more we overload our body with toxins, the more susceptible we make it to endocrine disruptors. Switching to organic beauty is the best way to reduce your exposure to toxins.

#2 Spend Your Money Where It Matters

Ingredients in organic beauty products are derived from plants which harvest may vary from year to year depending on rainfall and soil conditions. The United Nations have conducted multiple reviews which have now demonstrated that organic agriculture can contribute to sustainable socio-economic development. Buying organic beauty products goes a long way to supporting entire communities.

#3 Take A Stand For Our Future

When you buy an organic beauty product, you take a stand for practices designed to encourage soil and water conservation and reduce our footprint on the environment. Most personal care products use ingredients derived from petroleum, a by-product of oil. Using them supports a fossil fuel industry that is damaging to our planet. Buying organic beauty products is one way to invest in our future!

Want to learn more on this topic? We recommend watching The Human Experiment, a powerful documentary on the impact of toxins on our bodies and the environment.
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