How to care for acne skin naturally

How to care for acne skin naturally - Akhal Beauty

Acne can be caused by varying factors from hormonal imbalances, an unhealthy diet, stress to an unsuitable skincare regimen. For many of us, acne is often a sign of imbalance in sebum production by our skin. So, a common by product of acne prone skin is a shiny, oily face. Whilst it may be your first instinct to combat excess oil with harsh, heavy duty products, DON’T. The best solution is to restore a healthy balance of your skin’s natural oils or sebum. Repairing any sort of imbalance never happens overnight and there are not silver bullets, but if you put in the work, you will address the problem for the long haul instead of constantly having to apply band aids.

Proper cleansing wins you half the battle

One of the most common mistakes we, acne prone skin gals make, is to head for the chemical laden products to rid our skin of those nasty breakouts. Many of them are extremely stripping so in effort to curb the proliferation of P. Acnes bacteria, we attack our skin barrier and whilst the breakouts are managed, the oil imbalance causing those breakouts in the first place, is not addressed.

There are many natural alternatives to the chemicals out there and unless you suffer from a medical condition, it might be worthwhile to incorporate natural acne remedies in your routine. Everyone is different but what has worked for me is a combination of the following products and steps:

  • Daily cleansing using a mild and gentle product. I love Ethique's bars and this oneworks well for me when I get breakouts
  • Whenever I have a breakout, I immediately prepare a Rhassoul clay mask and add a drop or two of Tea tree oil. I apply a very small amount to the spots with a cotton bud and leave overnight. In the morning, you will notice that the spot has dried up and subsided
  • Once a week, I apply a Rhassoul clay mask all over my face. It is both detoxifying and exfoliating to it helps remove dead skin build up and deep cleanses your face gently. I would recommend adding a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in the clay mask if you have a lot of spots. It’s a potent antibacterial so it will help with any acne bacteria.

    Hydration vs Moisture and why you need both

    Once your skin is cleansed, it is critical to nourish it properly to correct the source of your oil imbalance. To do so, you need two types of products. A water-based product and an oil-based serum. That is why we are always recommending you use a toner before your oil serum.  Water and oil act differently but at a basic level, water penetrates the cellular levels of your skin and oils replenish your natural sebum / oil barrier which your skin needs.

    As some nutrients are water soluble and others oil soluble, a presence of both in your skincare routine is necessary for a balanced and healthy skin. We are obviously biased and love the combo of Rosewater toner and Organic Prickly Pear Seed Oil or Organic Argan Kernel Oil to keep your skin healthy however you can use another toner and oil if they tick the following boxes:

    • Many toners have alcohol which is drying, and triggering ingredients so read the full list of ingredients to ensure that you avoid those
    • Skin that is prone to excessive oiliness and acne is usually deficient in a fatty acid called linoleic acid so when selecting an oil or serum, choose one that will have plenty of it and that is a dry oil so that you replenish your skin’s fatty acids without clogging your pores

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