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How to care for sensitive skin - Akhal Beauty Blog

How to care for sensitive skin

The key to treating any skin, most importantly a sensitive one is restoring your skin’s natural balance by emphasising simple, toxin free skincare and certified organic products.
Everything you need to know about face oils

Everything you need to know about face oils

We are oil junkies and know that all oils are not created equal. This is your comprehensive guide on face oils, including which ones to avoid if you have acne or sensitive skin and which ones to invest in if you have aging dry skin.

The ultimate guide to essential oils - Akhal Beauty

The Ultimate Guide to Essential Oils

Whilst essential oils have many wondrous benefits, they are not completely innocuous. This is your ultimate guide to essential oils and how to best use them for your well being and skin health.
Understand your skin anatomy - Akhal Beauty

Understand your skin anatomy. Get your glow on!

Understand the 3 layers of your skin, how they interact and how you can change your skincare and diet to prop them up. Our tips to boost collagen production, protect your skin against free radical damage and get glowing.

How to calm Rosacea skin naturally - Akhal Beauty

How to calm Rosacea skin naturally

Rosacea is a chronic skin disorder that presents as acne-like bumps, red or pink patches and broken capillaries. Whilst Rosacea has no cure, it can be managed. Here are our tips for calming Rosacea flare ups whilst following a natural beauty regimen.
Hero Ingredient Jasmine Oil - Akhal Beauty

Hero Ingredient: Jasmine Oil

A delightfully scented yet powerfully healing flower oil boasting a myriad of natural benefits, Jasmine oil has a sweet yet grounding floral aroma synonymous for instilling calm and balance. Yet, as a skincare treatment this oil is rich in anti-fungal, scar-busting and stress-relieving properties.

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