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How to remove stretchmarks naturally - Akhal Beauty

How to remove stretchmarks naturally

Most women will develop stretchmarks them throughout their lifetime. There are natural remedies that can help you reduce their appearance.

How to care for acne skin naturally - Akhal Beauty

How to care for acne skin naturally

They key to tackling acne prone skin naturally is to instil the right balance between hydration and moisture and guide your skin back to its natural oil production cycle

Antioxidants that improve skin health - Akhal Beauty

Antioxidants that will improve your skin health

For the secret to glowing and rejuvenated skin, look no further than antioxidants. Find out what the best antioxidants are for skin health and how to incorporate them into your diets and skincare routine.

How to Keep your Summer Glow - Akhal Beauty

How to Keep your Summer Glow

We all love that dewy, bronzed radiance our skin has after a holiday. As the summer fades away, with a little bit of maintenance you can still have that glow all year long.

How to prepare Rhassoul Clay mask - Akhal Beauty

How to prepare a mask using Rhassoul clay

Your beginner's guide to Rhassoul (Moroccan Lava) Clay Mask. The go to clay for facial masks that detox, cleanse and hydrate your skin.
Quick guide to reading cosmetic labels - Akhal Beauty

Guide to skincare and cosmetic labels

How often do you read the labels on your cosmetic products or skincare? These are a few tips to read and understand labels on cosmetic and skincare products