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The Moroccan Argan Forest - Akhal Beauty

Beginners Guide to the Argan Tree and Argan Forest

What you need to know about the Argan tree and the Argan forest. Learn more about the source of Moroccan Argan Oil, one of the most ancient remedies on Earth.
Why you should stop using palm oil - Akhal Beauty

One of many reasons you should stop using palm oil

Amnesty International investigation shows that palm oil workers face systematic abuses and that forced labour and child labour were prevalent. It is time to go palm oil free.

Plastic waste in cosmetic industry - Akhal Beauty

Why does the beauty industry contribute to plastic waste?

When we first launched Akhal Beauty, we had to think about our packaging. This is why we decided to not be another company contributing to plastic pollution.
3 reasons to choose organic skincare - Akhal Beauty

3 Reasons to Choose Organic Beauty

"The average woman applies 500 chemicals to her skin daily".That sounds like a lot! These are the reasons you should choose organic beauty.