Good Business Series Ahimsa Collective - Akhal Beauty

The Good + Business Series: Ahimsa Collective

Ahimsa Collective is an Australian-based business that creates biodegradable, waste-free, vegan-leather totes from Pinatex, a material that’s made from the waste of the Pineapple industry.

Good Business Series BOB hair salon - Akhal Beauty

The Good + Business Series: Bob Melbourne

Bob Melbourne is a zero-waste hair salon based in South Yarra. They turn your offcuts it into hair booms that get taken out to the Great Barrier Reef and help suck up oil spills.

Good Business Baiia Swimwear -Akhal Beauty

The Good + Business Series: BAIIA Swimwear

BAIIA is an Australian-based company that creates luxurious recycled swimwear from ghost fishing nets. Not only are the swimsuits made from recycled materials, and water-based GOTS certified dyes, they are also reversible.