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The Good + Business Series: BAIIA Swimwear

Good Business Baiia Swimwear -Akhal Beauty

At Akhal Beauty, our purpose is to empower women artisans, and young girls in Morocco by creating botanical skincare that does good by you and the planet. Being a business for good is our DNA!

We love discovering and supporting kindred brands that use their products to make a positive impact. In our Good + Business series, we are highlighting female for-purpose founders we admire and the good business they created.


BAIIA is an Australian-based company that creates luxurious recycled swimwear from ghost fishing nets. Not only are the swimsuits made from recycled materials, and water-based GOTS certified dyes, they are also reversible, meaning you get two swimsuits in one.

Amber created BAIIA which means one who has the capacity to change the world for the better, to offer swimsuits for women who want to look good and do good at the same time.

Every swimsuit is made ethically by incredibly talented seamstresses in China. BAIIA works with partners who are genuinely concerned with ethical, sustainability, environmental issues and worker welfare.

We sat down with Amber, the founder to learn more about BAIIA and the journey so far.

1. Why did you start BAIIA?
I spent my earliest years in Munda, a little coastal town of The Solomon Islands. I remember spending every waking moment in a swimsuit exploring the beaches and rainforests. Whenever I put my swimsuit on I knew I was about to go on an adventure and that association with a swimsuit being a tool of wonder has stuck with me ever since; I knew I wanted to be a fashion designer from a young age because I fell in love with how clothing could make me feel. After studying both fashion and marketing I became aware of just how tolling the industry is on our planet, so when I couldn’t find an ethical & sustainable swimsuit that was both timeless and diverse, I knew I had to create my own. BAIIA was really the best way for me to combine my passions for the ocean, business and fashion together.

2. What is the most rewarding moment you have had so far with BAIIA?
In one week, I had two customers message me thanking me for their tears of joy as a result of trying on their BAIIA for the first time. One of which was a single mum in her late forties and hadn’t worn or felt comfortable in a swimsuit in nearly two decades until now. The second had just turned 25 and it was the first time she’s ever looked forward to Summer because she could finally wear a swimsuit to the beach that she feels beautiful in! Her boyfriend even phoned BAIIA to thank us for helping her find her confidence again. For me, nothing is more rewarding than knowing what I’m creating is changing women’s (of all ages) lives. Tears of happiness have been shared over these swimsuits… what more could a designer ask for?

3. What does success look like for BAIIA?
If these swimsuits can change how women feel about themselves like they have with so many of my customers so far, success for BAIIA would be reaching as many women as possible and helping them feel, look and be their best selves in nothing but a swimsuit.

4. What is one piece of advice you would give to someone who is just starting out?
Naivety is one of your strongest assets, especially in the early days. My mantra in business is: Do, fail, learn, grow, repeat. Success is only possible because of a series of failures.

5. Which companies / leaders creating good in business inspire you?
There’s too many to name! Tesla, Daughters of Cambodia, Cool Earth, The Late Anita Roddick, Kathmandu, POSSE, The Good Trade, Who Gives A Crap– just to name a few.

To shop the BAIIA range you can check out their website, or follow along via their Instagram.

Image credit: BAIIA

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