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The Good + Business Series: Bob Melbourne

Good Business Series BOB hair salon - Akhal Beauty

Tucked away down a side road in South Yarra, you’ll find a wooden door with the word Bob engraved into it. From here, you enter a minimalist’s heaven that ties in perfectly with Bob’s philosophy ~ anti crap.

Bob’s philosophy on being anti crap is something they’ve incorporated into the finest of details, from the products they use and stock, through to the Who Gives A Crap toilet paper in the bathroom and down to the fact they are zero-waste at their core.

Being a zero-waste and entirely natural hair salon is no easy feat but Bob shows that it’s cool to care, and that being sustainable doesn’t mean you have to forgo style. 

How are they zero-waste? When your hair is cut, they turn your offcuts it into hair booms that get taken out to the Great Barrier Reef and help suck up oil spills! The foils used to colour your hair are recycled and they even have a compost bin for all food scraps. 

Bob was founded on the belief that a simpler approach to well-being enriches our lives, and this is what you experience as soon as you enter the salon. The venue is imbued with light so much so that it doubles on the first Monday of every month as a sacred space for a yoga class.

We sat down with Amanda and Charlotte, the co-founders of Bob, to learn more about their anti-crap and zero waste salon and their journey so far.

1.Why did you start Bob?
Charlotte: Bob began when Amanda and I were working in a salon together, we were frustrated by the hairdressing industry which is largely unaccountable for the waste it produces as well as the way the industry typically treats its staff. We realised we either had to leave the industry or attempt to change it.

2. What is the most rewarding moment you have had so far with Bob?
Amanda: Hiring our first full-time staff member. Growing a team of like-minded stylists is so exciting and watching them thrive and add their ideas and values to make Bob even stronger makes me incredibly happy.

3.What does success look like for Bob?
Charlotte: Success to me means inspiring other salons about running a zero-waste & low-tox environment. It's isn't hard when the team are all on board so there is really no excuse to not make the change.

4. What is one piece of advice you would give to someone who is just starting out?
Charlotte: Get a good plan together then just jump in feet first!

5. Which companies / leaders creating good in business inspire you?
Charlotte: TOM's organics are a company that inspires us both. From their transparent practices to being b-corp certified and for shaking up an everyday product and providing women with knowledge. They are an incredible business.

To check out Bob for yourself and to make an appointment head to their website, or follow along via their Instagram.

Image credit: Bob Melbourne

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