July 08, 2017
The homemade Coyo and Rhassoul mask for dry skin

I have a crush and I needed to share the deets with yโ€™all :)

Last month, I attended the Naturally Good Expo where we got to introduce Akhal Beauty to fabulous people in the Health & Wellness industry. One of the fantastic brands we mingled with are Coyo! We exchanged products and I have had a supply of Coyo yogurts in my fridge for a full month! #blessed

I have had 3-4 tablespoons of yogurt with my granola 5 days out of 7 for the past month and this stuff is just MAGICAL. I have gone dairy free more than a year ago and I have tried my fair share of dairy-free alternatives including coconut yogurts. None were as delicious as Coyo and none of them improved my gut health the way Coyo did.

Well within one week of eating Coyo, I was already thinking of ways I could use it on my skin. I tried a couple of different masks incorporating Akhal Beauty products and Coyo and this is the recipe that helped me the most combat the winter dryness.

1 tablespoon of Coyo
1 heaped tablespoon of rhassoul clay
A few drops of Rose Hydrolat (if you want a more liquid texture)

Mix the ingredients together until a chocolate-like mud is formed (see photo below)
Apply to your whole face or dry areas only if you have a combination skin
Relax for 5-8 minutes
Wash your face with warm water
Tone and Moisturise... et voila!
Coyo Rhassoul Facial Mask Akhal Beauty

Why does this work?
1. Like our facial oils, Coyo is rich in fatty acids. These good fats help your skin regeneration process by accelerating the formation of your natural lipid barrier.
2. The Rhassoul clay which is negatively charged draws the toxins out without drying your skin.
3. Lastly, Coyo contains live cultures. There are many scientific articles linking probiotics to reduced cases of skin inflammation amongst other things.

A few tips:
If you are using your fingers rather than a brush to apply this mask, you can dispense of the Rose hydrolat. That will give you a paste-like structure that is easier to handle without a brush.
If you have oily skin and/or clogged pores, this mask is not for you. You can check out our other Rhassoul clay mask recipe which is suitable for all skin types here

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