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Your beginner's guide to facial oils

Akhal Beauty Facial Oils

We obsess over facial oils. Having tested many, we know that all oils are not created equal. Here is what you should know before buying one.

Oils are super fragile and oxidise quickly. The rate of oxidation depends on the type of oil you buy, how it is produced and handled.

What It Is Oxidation?

Oil oxidation is a series of chemical reactions that lead to the degradation of the quality of an oil. There are two major oxidation reactions which can occur in oils:

  • Auto-oxidation: This occurs in the presence of air; and
  • Photo-oxidation: This occurs through exposure to UV radiation and heat.
Can You Prevent Or Stop Oxidation?

Both reactions are natural processes that cannot be entirely eliminated but they can be significantly reduced if proper steps are taken through the production and handling process. The quality of the ingredients used for facial oils is just as important as the process through which the manufacturer or seller has brought it to you.

Facial Oils – Tips To Spot The Good From The Bad
#1 Look For Protective Dark Packaging That Keeps UV Rays At Bay

Amber glass is the most common and our favourite. It’s been around for decades and it is an effective protection for fragile oils and other light sensitive skincare blends.

#2 Look For The Best Before Date

Many high quality cold pressed oils have a best before date just like food. The best before date is the duration of life after production.

#3 Buy Oils That Have Been Stored Below 30°C Through Their Journey To You

This is the trickiest step to assess and some companies are voluntarily silent about it. If an oil has been brought to Australia by cargo that is not temperature controlled, we recommend not purchasing it. When it is 30°C degrees outside, the temperature inside a cargo ship container is 50-60°C! Any antioxidants or nutrients in the oil are destroyed by the heat. The oil might still smell good, it might still look and feel good but on a nutritional level, it just has no value.

What Does Akhal Do?

At Akhal, we follow these three rules religiously because we want to preserve the integrity of our facial oils and ensure our customers get the very best. You can learn about the journey of our 100% active and fresh organic facial oils from Earth to bottle here. 

Feel like reading more in this topic? You can check out the sources we have used for this article:

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