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About us

What does Akhal mean?

Akhal is a word that is used by the indigenous peoples of Morocco to mean ‘Earth’ and ‘Land’.

How do I pronounce Akhal?

Akhal is pronounced “A-kal”

Is Akhal Beauty an Australian brand?

Yes. Akhal Beauty is a family owned Australian business with a dual Moroccan and Australian identity. Our bio-active ingredients are sourced in Morocco, but our HQ is in Sydney, Australia.

What are the benefits of the Akhal beauty partnership for the women’s cooperatives?

Our policy to create micro-batches to our customers means that the women's cooperatives form an inherent part of our business model. We think that is more sustainable for the women’s cooperatives and so do they.

How are the women in the cooperatives you work with remunerated?

The well-being of the women in the cooperatives we work with is paramount to us. As per the cooperatives rules, women are paid based on the output they produce individually; as well as receiving a share of the cooperative’s overall profits. For these women, being a part of the cooperative is not just a job; it is a tight knit community where they support one another. Every year, new women are co-opted, allowing entire families to gain a livelihood and join the movement. The cooperatives we work with employ women and are run by women.

How do you select the cooperatives you work with?

The cooperatives that we work with must satisfy our stringent requisites for quality, safety, sustainability, and fairness to meet our charter. We have visited multiple cooperatives before choosing our preferred suppliers.


Are your ingredients safe?

This is a critical question and one that you should always seek out an answer for before buying any natural product. Organic and natural skincare is great to use but much like food, if it is not prepared to the highest standards, it can be risky to use. That is why we have implemented stringent quality control across our supply and production chain overseas and in Australia. Our raw materials are extracted and bottled based on Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP®). The women’s cooperatives we work with are HACCP® trained to identify, manage, and reduce any risks of contamination events during the extraction and production process. Finally, we are proudly certified Toxin Free by Safe Cosmetics Australia®

What preservatives does Akhal Beauty use?

None! Our focus is on fresh, active, and self preserving skincare. Preservatives are often used in skincare products to increase their shelf life. We believe that the products that you put on your skin should be just as fresh as those that you eat. That is why our products are made in micro-batches.

Is your skincare certified cruelty free and vegan?

Yes. We are proudly certified cruelty free and vegan by PETA®

You can find us on PETA's database

 Is your skincare certified toxin free?

Yes. We are certified toxin free by Safe Cosmetics Australia®

You can find us on SCA's database 

Is your skincare certified organic?

Yes. Akhal Beauty's plant based products are 100% USDA Organic. We are certified by Ecocert®, an independent organic certification organization which has been operating for 25 years. 


Does your packaging protect your ingredients?

Yes. We use amber glass which we love because it’s recyclable and safe. Unlike some other types of packaging, it does not present a danger of leaching toxins into the product it contains. Unlike clear glass, it also creates a barrier against UV rays to protect the antioxidants in our coldpressed oils.

Is Akhal Beauty's packaging recyclable?

Yes. We use amber glass bottles and recycled paper for collateral materials. We encourage you to reuse your amber bottles after use. Just remove the labels, wash them with soap and you can use them as a vase or for your DIY skincare.

Security + Privacy

What type of security do you use?

We use a 226-bit SSL security system that encodes all credit card and contact details to ensure their safety. You card payment data is not stored by Akhal Beauty, only transmitted to the payment gateway you have chosen at checkout. This transmission is encrypted.

Will you share my email?

Never. We hate nothing more than spam and ending up on mailing lists we never signed up for. That is a breach of privacy that we condemn.

Will you share my telephone number?

Never. If you prefer to use your telephone number instead of your email to receive shipment notifications etc from us, you can rest assured that your details are safe and not used for any other purposes.

We are a transparent company and welcome your questions. If you can't find the answer to your query, please send an email to