Social Impact

Over 30% of Moroccan children never make it to high school. They miss out on an education due to the absence of transportation. This issue is mostly prevalent in rural areas.

What is the problem?
Secondary schools are often built close to urban areas in Morocco and for many low-income families living in remote villages, they are simply unable to afford transportation expenses to and from school or lodgings near the school. In addition to that, many families do not have the confidence in existing facilities near schools to entrust their daughters to them. 

Akhal Beauty has been established to help offer a solution. We want you to buy a great product that will benefit your skin and contribute to something bigger than you or us; educating tomorrow’s citizens. Our model is simple. You buy one, we fund one. For every bottle you buy, we give $1 to charity. This small donation we make on your behalf makes a big impact and helps change someone's future.

What is the impact of your purchase?
It costs A$1,450 to feed, lodge and send one girl to school for a year. It takes less than 500 people buying our Moroccan Ritual kits to help secure the future of another human being. Our goal is to allow as many girls as possible to graduate from high school.

Why did we choose this project?
One of the most difficult challenges in social development is changing mindsets. In the context of this project, half the battle is won as parents want nothing more than to send their girls to school. Education for All has been successfully operating for 10 years in the High Atlas region. They have been building boarding houses in close proximity to schools, facilitating a safe environment for girls away from their families and the proper infrastructure to finish their education. The first class of girls that have been fed, lodged, and supported by EFA are now at University and have an exciting future ahead of them. We are very proud to be able to help contribute to this fantastic cause.

Photos courtesy of Gerard Wagemakers