Over 30% of Moroccan children never make it to high school. They miss out on an education due to the absence of transportation. This issue is mostly prevalent in rural areas.
What is the problem?
Secondary schools are often built close to city centres in Morocco and for many low-income families living in remote villages in rural areas, they are simply unable to afford transportation expenses to and from school. Given that enrolment to secondary school in Morocco is not mandatory, this leads to high drop-out rates with children not being able to study beyond primary school.
We offer one solution
We want you to buy a great product that will benefit your skin and contribute to something bigger than you or us; educating tomorrow’s citizens. Our model is simple. You buy one we fund one. For every bottle you buy, we give $1 to charity. It is less than what you pay for a cup of coffee or tea, but it can change someone's future.
What is the impact of your purchase?
$1 provides transportation to school for one month for one child. It only takes 10 bottles to fund transportation to and from school for an entire school term! Our hope is to raise sufficient funds to help build a school bus network connecting 50 villages in the High Atlas Mountains and allowing all the children in those villages to graduate from high school.
Why did we choose this project?
One of the most difficult challenges in social development is changing mindsets. In the context of this project, the vast majority of the villagers our partnering non-profit organization works with are convinced of the benefits of education for their girls and boys. However, with less than $2 per day to live on, the daily struggle is about survival and that leaves room for nothing else. Funding school buses is achievable and scalable. It allows these children to break the cycle of poverty inherited from their parents within our lifetime.
Who is our non-profit partner?
Our primary partner in Morocco is CIF, a non-profit helping the marginalised communities of the High Atlas Mountains. Their development projects are focused on empowering children through education and helping villagers find sustainable solutions to improve their living conditions.