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Argan Oil

I love that these bottles of Argan Oil helps with my dry skin especially my face!


I love Akhal's Prickly Pear Seed Oil, it's so nourishing and hydrating and a great anti-ageing ingredient. Where the product is sourced and how is also an important factor for me. I use this alongside Pai's Rosehip Oil for beautiful, healthy, glowing skin. Really great quality and worth the money. My only issue is that I didn't receive 30ml, a bit below, and for $115 I want every last drop I payed for. I also prefer the product in a dropper bottle like with the 15ml but that's just my preference. Will buy again.

Organic Rosewater Mist

Just roses. The smell is incredible. This mist settles slowly over your skin and hair , blissfully refreshing. Love it.

excellent product

Very happy with the purchase. Best prickly pear oil and rose water I have ever used! I’ve already finished one bottle of the oil and now using the rose water. The fragrance is pure and divine! Will definitely come back to buy more!

Love the Rosewater Mist!

Love this rose water spray! I use it daily to help moisturize my skin and I find it helps reduce redness as well + love supporting an ethical business that uses sustainably sourced ingredients. Have already repurchased and will definitely buy more in the future

The compliments keep coming!

I use the Prickly Pear Seed Oil around my eyes. My dark circles and puffy bags have diminished over time after using the 15ml bottle. Friends are asking how I keep looking younger, even my mum! I highly recommend this oil, it’s a must have!

This stuff works

The best facial oil I have tried to date. Nourishing yet dry and absorbs really quickly. Many friends remarked that my skin looks radiant. Will repurchase again.

Seriously amazing!

I've been using Akhal for over a year now and this seed oil is incredible. It's light and you don't have to use a lot. The dispenser pump means that you don't put too much on either. Love love love it!


Since I started using it I’ve received so many compliments about how radiant is my face! Love all your products!

So far so good!

I've been using this product for a week now on my skin, and so far have had no issues with excess oil, absorbs nicely! Will continue to use!

My lifestyle brand

The result from living a fast paced life on my skin has been noticeable ... it’s 3 drops in the morning ... and I’m hardly using any other products before or after ... my skin feels polished and fresh even when I’m worn out ! Can’t get enough it’s my constant go to now


absolutely love it! the best oil that is luxurious to use everyone morning and night. absorbs super quick in to the skin


I absolutely love the prickly pear seed oil and argan oil!! I have always had problem skin and these products are sooo amazingly beautiful and only after a couple of months my skin has improved. I highly recommend these products! Love love love!!

Forget about all other Argan Oils - THIS is the ONE!

Tried argan oil before? Not really been all that impressed?... Well I consider this oil by Akhal Beauty to be the 'holy grail' of argan oil! It has a perfect absorption rate, hydrates ALL day, leaves your skin dewy and glowing AND works fantastically under make up! Enough said!

Millions of Moroccan women cannot be wrong!...

I have nothing to say, except: BUY THIS PRODUCT NOW! You will NOT be disappointed. Prickly Pear Seed Oil has been tried and tested throughout the ages, the ancient rituals of the hammam are alive and well! You will find this oil as absorbs in no time on your skin. It will leave your skin dewy and refined. I loved this product so much that I purchased a second bottle within a few days. I only wish that Akhal Beauty would provide this precious oil with a pump, because I knocked it over the other day and lost about a 1/4 of the oil on the floor! :(

Organic Body Oil Moroccan Jasmine

Love this lightly scented body oil that moisturises my skin really well.

Very impressed with the quality

Besides from the great ethics of the brand, I also think my rose mist and rassoul clay are very high quality. Love the clay - when I use it I feel it drawing out impurities, yet it does not irritate my skin which can be sensitive sometimes. The rose clay is potent and smells of rose. The spray nozzle on my bottle doesn't work well for some reason (it doesn't mist evenly and misses the very middle of my face) so I am pouring some into a different bottle and using it that way instead. All in all - love and would repurchase. I also received two small samples of the prickly pear and argan oils with I am excited to try.

Best oil

This oil is amazing. It’s rich, highly moisturizing, and absorbs quickly. Doesn’t feel sticky at all, like some other oils. This is by far the best prickly pear seed oil I have found. I live in the US, and I’m going to have to reorder soon. I’m happy to have found this one

Very happy!

I'm very happy with the Argan Oil! It absorbs really quickly so it's perfect for mornings when you need to apply other products to your skin immediately afterwards. It doesn't suffocate your skin, especially on colder days. I use it on my hands too, and it doesn't feel greasy at all unlike normal moisturisers. Overall, it's really good!

Best prickly pear seed oil

I've tried a few brands, and this product is the highest quality! Have already reordered once!

Love this

I've been using Argan oil for a while and stumbled across this... and absolutely love it. Have been using for about a week and skin is so moisturised and soft, no clogged pores (which i tend to get with a lot of products) and glowing complexion. Highly recommend

Products are amazing!

Love the oils and the clay!

Pure Rhassoul Clay

The pure rhassoul clay is a really great product that leaves my skin softer and pores smaller.


Akhal's new organic body oil : Moroccan Rose smells and feels sublime! My skin on my body now has the same treatment my face is having with Akhal's prickly pear seed oil. My skin is softer, smells fantastic and is fully hydrated. I absolutely love it!

Rosewater Mist + Prickly Pear Seed Oil
My skin is in LOVE

I am so happy about my purchase from Akhal Beauty. Not only are their products sustainable sourced and a portion of their proceeds go towards helping to educate young girls in morocco, their stuff does wonders for your skin! I have been using the rosewater mist followed by the prickly pear seed oil morning and night for the past month and I have noticed my skin is having far less breakouts then before. My pores are smaller, my skin looks healthier, and i am rarely finding any pimples. If one does pop up, I dab the prickly pear seed oil (sometimes I combine it with a little tea tree oil) and it is gone in no time. I am almost out of the mist because it is so divine I use it as a pick me up when my skin needs a little refresher throughout the day! Seriously excellent products. Thanks you Akhal beauty!