Two years ago, I embarked on a backpacking trip that culminated in a visit to my homeland, Morocco. During that visit, I decided to venture away from my familiar grounds and go South, where I had not been since I was a child.

I was fresh from months of camping in breathtaking national parks in North America and trekking atop glaciers in South America. Such effort had gone into preserving those places and I was grateful to be able to enjoy them. The whole experience had made me into a Nature lover.

When I visited the Argan Forest in Morocco I came across plastic bags and other rubbish stuck between branches, remnants from land clearings and more dead Argan trees than I could count. I was in shock. Venturing inland and speaking to villagers who also worked on the Argan harvest, I could see that their living conditions were very challenging. Their water came from a well, they did not have electricity and their houses had no toilets.

I could not reconcile this experience with the popularity and success of Argan products outside of Morocco. I started to do some research and it became evident that the biggest losers of the Argan supply chain were the people central to the harvesting and making of the precious oil. I experienced the worst side of the industry. I could not shake the feeling of disbelief. I became angry that these people were being taken advantage of and I was angry that one of the most amazing forests in Morocco was treated so carelessly. I decided to channel that anger into something positive.

Upon my return to Australia, I created Akhal Beauty with the goal of providing fresh, organic, ethical, and sustainable skincare from the South of Morocco. I want to show people that Morocco’s best skincare products are made by independent women’s cooperatives who get the full value of their hard work.

At Akhal Beauty, we believe there is a better alternative to get your much loved Argan products. We hope you agree and love our products as much as we love crafting them for you!