Pure Rhassoul Clay


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Our Pure Rhassoul Clay (40g) is a powerful detoxifying mask that leaves the skin cleansed and hydrated. Rhassoul is naturally extracted from Silica and Magnesium rich deposits near the Atlas Mountains of Morocco.

How to use
Mix two tablespoons of tepid water to one tablespoon of Rhassoul for a facial mask
For a full body detox, poor ½ the bottle into your warm bath. Sit in for up to 20 minutes to get rid of toxins and soothe your joints. Drink plenty of water beforehand

Rich in Silica
Rich in Magnesium
Negatively charged
Cleanses through adsorption

What to expect
Positively charged toxins leach onto negatively charged Rhassoul clay particles
Cleansed and hydrated skin
Refined pores
Softer skin

No distinctive smell

100% Moroccan Lava (Rhassoul or Ghassoul) Clay

Certified Cruelty Free and Vegan, PETA®
Certified Toxin Free, Safe Cosmetics Australia®

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Lauren Fleming L.F. Lauren F.
Clear skin

Ive used the Pure Rhassoul Clay three times and my skin was softer and clearer than its ever been. Will definitely been using this product weekly.

Alice Tancred A.T. Alice T.
Oh Happy Days

I used the Pure Rhassoul Clay for the first time over the long weekend. After I treated myself I felt so refreshed and rejuvenated. And felt happy because I knew using your product helps others. Thanks, I will be purchasing more when I need some TLC.

amanda burgess a.b. amanda b.
This Clay Masque is incredible ..

This Clay Masque is incredible .. How my skin felt afterwards was amazing.. You need to try!!!!

Svetlana S. Svetlana
really detoxifying!

I tried the sample that came with the goodness me box and you can physically feel the mask working instantly when applied to face. Really is detoxifying! as soon as i washed it off i had 5 pimples come through! will definitely purchase product :)

Sarah S. Sarah
Fabulous Rhassoul clay

Fabulous Rhassoul clay has brightened my face and softened my skin; absolutely delighted with the product! Heartily recommend!