Rosewater Mist + Argan Oil

Keep your skin healthy and hydrated all day.
Organic & Pure Rosewater Mist (100ml / 3.4 fl.oz)
Organic Argan Kernel Oil (30ml / 1.0 fl.oz)
Certified Organic, Ecocert®
Certified Cruelty Free and Vegan, PETA®
Certified Toxin Free, Safe Cosmetics Australia®

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Highest Quality Rosewater, Beautiful ‘Dry’ Oil

I’ve been using rosewater lists for years and the price of a good quality one is usually $80-$150 (Aust). Not only is this rosewater honestly the best one I’ve come across, but the price is extremely reasonable! The Argan Oil makes a visible difference to the hydration of my face, neck and chest. It doesn’t leave you looking oily - it is totally absorbed by my skin, it’s like my face just drinks it all up and leaves a ‘dry’, soft texture. Great to use before applying make up or mix it into liquid foundation! Highly recommended.

Beauty essentials

I have been using the Rosewater Mist and Argan Oil morning and night for over a week and my skin is thanking me! The Rosewater is deliciously fragrant and moisturising, while the Argan Oil nourishes my skin like no other product and gives it a dewy, youthful sheen. I purchased argan oil in Morocco last year and this the Akhal version is the closest thing I have found to replicate it. A must-try combination for women who care about their skin and want to support an amazing cause.

Akhal, where have you been all my life?!

Over the years I've used many face oils and rose hydrosols, but after having recently been introduced Akhal, I was seriously blown away. I was so impressed by the range's quality, depth and tangible results for my skin. It's amazing how much more potent fresh product can be. Anecdotally: as I opened the bottle of Akhal's Organic Rose Hydrosol, and the soft, heady, deep rose aroma, underpinned with just a touch of nutty argan-ess teased my senses, I swooned. And this was pretty much the impact of each subsequent Akhal product I tried. I know that Arkhal's commitment to their for-purpose principles has everything to do with their well-deserved knock-out product range.

Beautiful products

I'm new to Akhal products having been referred by a friend. I tried the Rose Hydrosol and Argan Oil & immediately loved both products! Firstly, the Rose Hydrosol smells amazing, cleanses & tones beautifully & leaves my skin feeling clean & refreshed. The Argan oil is amazing, my skin drinks it up & I now use it underneath a light day moisturiser as well as at night underneath my night cream. I love that these products are ethically sourced, vegan and cruelty free & make a positive contribution to the Moroccan community. Free delivery within Australia is fantastic & a rare offering these days! Please support this business & enjoy the benefits of these natural, beautiful products that actually work!

5 star